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Retail Therapy is a boutique where people come to connect, find joy, and support one another.

My mom built an amazing community foundation for me, and I want to do the same for my daughters.


We’re more than a downtown boutique where you’ll find amazing gifts and one-of-a-kind items.

More often than not, it feels like you're wasting time and money on gifts that people only pretend to like.

We all want to give great gifts—but sometimes, our crazy schedules, lack of ideas, and the fact that most people are hard to buy for make it more difficult than it should be.

Because of this, I chose to follow in my mom’s footsteps (read my story) and combined my love of people and supporting small businesses into an easy way for others to find amazing gifts right here in our own community.

Whether you stop by Retail Therapy to browse our unique selections or call and let us put together one-of-a-kind options—you’ll never have to worry about someone pretending to like your gift!

My mom was blessed to know everyone—

and in turn, she built me a community that I still count on.

I’m Alicia Dunbar, the owner of Retail Therapy. When I was younger, I remember how the mailman and UPS delivery man seemed like they were just part of our family. They’d always ask about me, chat with my mom, and seemed to just be part of our lives.

This was because my mom never met a stranger—and after owning a beauty shop for over 30 years, she literally seemed to know everyone in the Lafayette community.

However, now that she’s gone, one thing that really stands out to me as an adult is how she treated everyone she interacted.

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My mom naturally loved people and strengthened our community by simply connecting and supporting those around her.

I’m blessed that she passed this gift on to me. I am passionate about building a community for my family—just as she did for me.

As a women-owned business, I believe in supporting other local and small businesses—which is why you won’t find common items found on Amazon in my boutique. What you will find is that we partner with other local and small businesses from around the country to showcase their products, hand-crafted jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items.

You’re invited to visit the boutique where we focus on helping people find amazing gifts and one-of-a-kind items for any occasion and in just about every price range.

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Never worry about someone pretending to like your gift!